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I thought it would be time for a little update.
Great combo up there in the title, huh?

Soo, my father got tickets to the AC/DC concert in Hockenheim this weekend. And damn it was awesome.
On Friday we went there via car which was a seven hour ride. First we met some greek friends (Gotta say it one more time, I love the greek culture) and got a reaaally nice dinner. Which, normal for greek, lasted a few hours so when we got away it was already past midnight when we went to the camping site. We were told that if we came back a few hours later, after 6 am, we would need to pay way less for the camping and thus we spent the first half of the night sleeping on the front seats of our car. I slept better than I would have imagined.
7 am, half asleep, we went back to the camping site, put up our tent, still half-way asleep and then finally slept again. I am lucky that I am good at blocking out noise, since as soon as the first got up, the camping site was blasting with rock music. Awesome music though. AC/DC has been my favorite band since I was 4 years old and so I totally supported their taste in music.
Despite the blasting music and drunk people barfing behind out tent I slept like a baby. It felt a lot like Wacken 2013!

Around noon we got up and went to the stage area to see if we could get some breakfast and see where we would need to go on the evening. After getting a Brezel as a sorry excuse for a breakfast my dad and I lay down on the grass to see all the people who entered the concert area already. People were entering the area over seven hours before the concert started to get a good spot. We had (usually boring) seat tickets so we didn't have to worry at all. Instead, we had another nice side effect: Drinks were not allowed, so the masses who arrived had lots of beer to give away for free. We just sat there on the grass, being given one beer bottle after another without having to pay anything. We could have done that all afternoon and we would have been completely drunk in the evening without buying a single beer. But after a while we went back to our tent to rest a bit more before the concert started.

After obligatory grilled sausages, it was time to go to the concert.
Damn we had nice seats. The stage was quite far away, but we had clear sight and could watch the show. The athmosphere was great, even in the seating rows. And totally peaceful. Not even naggers.
One time a guy walked up to us after he had peed behind our tent, said something about manliness to my dad and when he saw that I - a girl - was sitting there he turned instant polite and greeted "Mylady!" with a bow.

AC/DC themselves played a routine. I can understand that these guys are kind of worn out considering their age, but they didn't even greet us or say goodbye. Nevertheless the music was great. Thunderstruck - my favorite Song of all Time since I was 4 - was live-album worthy. So was Rock'n'Roll Train. It kind of redeemed that they screwed up my favorite song in 2009 on the black ice tour.

My father reported when he came back from the bathroom that there had been a guy barfing, people werer cracking jokes at him and laughing, between his chokes he laughed with them and said comebacks. Barfing, Laughing, Barfing, Joking, Barfing. If you can't keep your grace, at least keep your humour. :)

Today we visited our greek friends again, got a really sweet breakfast and when home. Now I'm insanely tired and there's work tomorrow. That's also why this journal is written rather unspectacularily.

So, I promised in the title to talk about other stuff, too.
Well, the grande finale of Warrior Cats (The Last Hope) was released in German on Friday and I finished the book!
The showdown was as big as it had to be, but I think some things remain unresolved and it kind of lacks an epilogue. I still loved it. I love Jayfeather, who really had a chance to shine again in this one and I really like the series in general. Will I get Dawn of the Clans when it comes out? Maybe. But I'm definately looking forward to Yellowfangs Secret, which also hasn't been released in German yet. (And damn I started reading those in German and I'm not gonna change in the middle of it! The names are different at times, don't want to learn them again!)
Oh and I also really love that Mousefur was there from the first book to the last. She's the only one who's still around even thought she's not Main Cast, am I right?

And now, last but not least, a bit more advertisement on the movie we're currently working on at... well, work:

I already made so much content which makes me even more excited to see the finished thing!
I'll show you what I did once the movie is out and I'm allowed to post what I did.
I'm not allowed to say anything, but I read the script and saw the concept art, this thing is gonna be awesome~
Or, at least it's promising.

Your All-Time-Rocker,


PS: More Floyd Coming Soon. Working heavily on next episode.
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Lu K.
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I have no college education but am completely self-taught. However I hope to study 2D Animation sometime in the future!

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